America's Rain Forests

A Distance Learning Adventure

Prince William Network, National Forest Foundation and USDA Forest Service

Taped Program


A 60-minute videotape about tropical and temperate rain forests was broadcast and webcast on September 30 to introduce students to these fascinating ecosystems. You may watch the webcast by clicking on the link below. It's not necessary for your students to have watched the introduction for them to participate in the live, electronic field trip on October 14, so be sure to join us on October 14.

"America's Rain Forests: An Introduction". Click below to view webcast of this program.
On-Demand Webcast

A high-speed Internet connection (at least 225Kbps) and the latest free version of RealPlayer® are needed to view the broadcast over the Internet.
Download the latest version of Real Player at: Real Player Website

Program Description

In the first segment of this program, students learn about the Caribbean National Forest located in Puerto Rico, and accompany archeologists, scientist, and managers as they discuss their work and discoveries. In the second segment about the Tongass National Forest, students learn about the world’s largest temperate rain forest and the people who live, play, gather food, and work there.


Prince William Network • USDA Forest Service • Caribbean, Tongass,
Chugach, and Olympic National Forests • Pacific Northwest Research Station
International Institute of Tropical Forestry • National Forest Foundation
Alaska Department of Fish and Game • Alaska Department of Natural Resources
The Nature Conservancy • Alaska Natural History Association
Southeast Island School District